Create Balance: On and Off Your Mat

March 12, 2016 UTC/La Jolla


Do you walk around daily with overwhelm, stress, busyness, & guilt?


If you answered "yes", this retreat is for YOU.  Join us for an all day, exclusive Life Coaching & Yoga retreat... designed to show you "how to" achieve purposeful & powerful balance.

1) Why don't I have the kind of balance I know is possible but hard to obtain?

2) What do I need to let go of in order to attain this balance?

3) How do I tangibly achieve this balance I'm striving for?


Yvonne has teamed up with Life Coach, Barbara Maisonet.  We will guide you through answering these questions to help you release what you're holding on to and give you the tools to succeed at creating the balance you long for.  This simple and completely achievable process will give you access to the joy & freedom you know is possible but seemingly difficult to find. Look no further... Register here to reserve your spot.  Spaces are limited so delaying will only delay achieving the balance you seek and desire!